Free Printable: Fax Cover Sheet

Because of changes occurring rapidly within our household, my husband and I have been taking care of a lot of adulting tasks lately, boring ones like consolidating bank accounts and turning in receipts for insurance reimbursement.  Several of these tasks have required faxing documents.

I'm not a fan of faxing.  I no longer have a landline and can't fax anything even from our all-in-one scanner/printer/fax.  So I have to go to The UPS Store a few miles down the road--and I have to pay to send the fax.  I really would prefer to furnish documents via e-mail or a secure online portal, but some entities still seem to prefer fax transmission.  (Hello, American Express and Humana!)

So I created a fax cover sheet.  It's nothing fancy, but if you need to send a fax, it will get the job done.  I've posted a copy of it on Dropbox for anyone who wishes to download a copy to use.  Just click on the link below to download it.

As always, please read the terms of use on the first page of the download.  Also, since I'm currently offering this printable for free, would you mind sharing this page with someone else who would find it helpful by clicking on the image that looks like this at the top and bottom of this page?  I would so appreciate it!  I'm trying to get to 500 visits a month by October.
If you have any suggestions for this printable, please let me know by leaving a comment below.  I'll respond within a week or so.


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