Free Printable: Medication List and Medical History List

Like most people, I've never actually enjoyed completing the mountain of paperwork that is associated with medical provider visits.  I do understand, however, that the paperwork is necessary for my health and that the information needs to be accurate. 

Since I'm not always adept at remembering just when I had my appendectomy on the spot, I decided to create a medication list and a medical history/hospitalizations and surgeries list for me to take with me.  (A couple of my doctors' offices have actually accepted the lists as part of their files rather than having me re-write the information.  Win!)

For those times when an ER or urgent care visit is necessary, I keep the updated lists in my Dropbox account so that I or my loved one can reference them in a hurry, even if they aren't printed on paper.  I also keep a list of my kids' medications and medical histories in Dropbox so that my husband can relay current and accurate information to their doctors if I'm not able to attend a visit for some reason.

I've included my forms here to help you create your own lists.  First download the medication list.  

Then download the hospitalizations and surgeries list.  

As usual, make sure you read the terms of use located on the first page of these printables before you use them!  :)  And please share this page by clicking on this image at the top or bottom of this page. 
If you have any suggestions for these, please let me know in the comments below.  I'll respond within a week or so.