Free Printables: June 2019 and May 2020 Calendars

Today is June 1st, and that means it's time to review your calendar for June if you haven't already.

If you'd like a free printable June 2019 calendar, you can get one at the download link below.

Reminders for June
  • Father's Day is Sunday, June 16, two weeks from tomorrow.  Buy those cards and gifts this weekend, and mail or ship them next week if necessary so they get to their destination in plenty of time.  
  • June closes out the second quarter.  Go ahead and order your free Experian credit report from if you haven't already this year.  Also, don't just order it; review it carefully, and dispute the errors you see.  
The first day of the month is also a good time to review your May calendar and start preparing your calendar for next May.  You can get a free printable May 2020 calendar at the download link below.  

These printable calendars are free, but I'd appreciate it if you'd compensate me for my time and effort by spreading the word about these resources.  To share the link to this page on social media or otherwise, click on the icon that looks like this at the top or bottom of the post:  
One final note:  Each printable has a terms of use (TOU) as its front page.  Please read that page carefully for the complete terms.

I hope these free printables are helpful.  If you have any input on the June 2019 or May 2020 calendars, comment below, and I'll respond within a week or so.