Free Printable: Medication Log

Around the time I published the free medication list and medical history list last month, I was briefly in the hospital for a nasty infection.  I was sent home with Macrobid, but at a follow-up with my doctor a few days later, I was also prescribed Bactrim.  These two medications had to be spaced out from the medications I already take:  Levothyroxine and GERD medications.  In addition, I had a reaction to the Bactrim causing me quite a bit of pain, so I also took Tylenol to take the edge off the pain and Unisom to try to sleep off the pain and the infection itself.

With all the medication I was taking, I became concerned about contraindications and interactions, so I created a medication log to help me keep track of when I had taken which meds.
I'm making that log available for download here.  Click the link below to download it.

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