Free Printable: Password Tracker

In my pre-mama life, I worked as a paralegal at a law office.  We had a case in which a husband passed away unexpectedly and left his family with no passwords to any of the financial accounts--or anything else, for that matter.  We hired two tech companies to try to "crack" his laptop, but for reasons I won't go into here, we were unable to get any information.  Long story short, his widow spent a LOT of money needlessly because he didn't leave a list of his passwords in a secure location.  Since then, I've encouraged my loved ones to leave a printed list somewhere just in case they were to suddenly pass or become incapacitated.

But you may need a password tracker even for yourself.  I've been dealing with some security issues recently; see my recent post about how to secure a Google account.  As a result, I've been changing passwords quite furiously over the last few weeks.  Last week, I accidentally changed a password that I immediately forgot and apparently neglected to write down anywhere other than a malfunctioning Sticky Notes app. . . and I almost lost everything in my primary Gmail account!  After having a panic attack, I managed to recover the account.  But I decided to create a new password tracker for myself, and I'm making it available here.  Just click on the link below.

Do read the terms of use on the first page of the download.  Also, since I'm currently offering this printable for free, would you mind sharing this page with someone else who would find it helpful by clicking on the image that looks like this at the top and bottom of this page?  I would appreciate it!
If you have any suggestions for this printable, please let me know by leaving a comment below.  I'll respond within a week or so.


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