July Success!

Post Round-Up

As I mentioned when I relaunched this blog, my goal was to publish at least one blog post monthly, focusing primarily on printables to begin.  In July, I met my goal:  Not including my status post, I published five blog posts that included multiple free printables.

At My House

I completed just one organization project in my own home this month:  labeling some smaller bins in my garage using my Silhouette Cameo. 

The task I did complete that made a huge difference in my home was finally taking a load of items to the thrift store.

I'm hopeful that after the new addition arrives in (and the morning sickness leaves!) our home in the next few months, I'll be able to get my house into better shape than it is currently.

Blog Progress

Last month, I briefly mentioned my goals for this blog in terms of visitors and income to cover my costs.  For July, the totals looked like this:


All those visitors came without any social media presence or other marketing.  Again, I have opted not to include any affiliate links, ads, or paid printables on the blog at this time, so income to cover the $14.00 orderedandorganized.com domain name is an impossibility for now.  My primary goal at this point is to increase the visits I have every month.  You can aid me in this goal by clicking on the images that look like these to share the posts here.

My goal for August is to have 450 visits.  (I want to get to 500 visits per month by October.)  Please help me get there by sharing this page!

Any input on the blog so far?  Leave me a comment below.  I'll respond within a week or so.


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