Review: Reusable Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

Amazon is like Vanilla Ice:  If you have a problem, Amazon can (try to?) solve it with one product or another.

Sadly, an increasing number of those products are made in China as Amazon works to compete with Alibaba.  And unsurprisingly, I'm finding more and more problems with a lot of those items.  As an example, I bought these dishwashing gloves for $7.55 a week or so ago.

I've always used reviews to determine what products were worthy of purchase.  And these gloves were highly rated.

For a reason.

Amazon supposedly doesn't allow a retailer or manufacturer to pay for reviews, but I view this as paying for reviews.  I wonder how many people reviewed the item positively to get that $10--more than the item cost in the first place!

I was glad to see some honesty in the comments.

I was excited still because I thought these gloves would live up to the hype.  But I just don't care for them.  They are made of silicone, don't smell, and are easy to clean and sanitize.  But since I have a dishwasher and mostly dishwasher safe items, I don't find them that helpful.  First, cleaning knives--the bulk of the items I hand wash--seems dangerous with them because they don't have the bulk that my old washable Tuff-Scrub sponges have to protect my hands from the blades.  Additionally, these gloves don't lather as well as the description would have you believe.  Finally, the scrubbers on them just don't do that well at getting food off my cutting boards . . . or even my silicone muffin pan.

I'm returning these gloves tomorrow.  My Tuff-Scrub sponges do stink after a couple of days, but I'll just keep using them--and toss them in the laundry more often with Lysol laundry sanitizer.

What do you use to hand wash dishes:  gloves, sponges, dish rags, or something else?  Let me know in the comments below!


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