Free Printable: Bill Pay Checklist

Monday is the first day of the month.  In this household, that means it's time to start confirming that all of the bill payments for next month have been scheduled.  I personally use a checklist to ensure that I don't miss a payment or make a late payment, saving money on late fees.

To help you, I've made my printable monthly bill pay checklist available for download.

If you'd rather have a single printable bill pay checklist for the entire year, you can download that file here.

Don't forget to read the front page of the downloads!  That page contains the terms of use.  And if you like one or both of these downloads, I'd appreciate your sharing this page by going to the top or bottom of this post and clicking on the image that looks like the one below.

If you have suggestions for either checklist, let me know by leaving a comment below, and I'll respond in a week or so.  (Be aware in advance that I intend to make fillable versions available in the future.  Click here to read more about those plans.)


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